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Reseller Plans

We allow you to create your own prices and and plans! Becoming a Reseller is easy just take a look at our demo control panels




  • WHM (your control panel to to make Cpanels)Login info: demo / demo
  • Cpanel (your customers control panel)Login info: demo / demo
Disk Space2,000 MB3,000 MB4,000 MB6,000 MB
Bandwidth50,000 mb65,000mb100,000mb150,000mb
Monthly Price$35.00$45.00$85.00$100.00
99.9% uptimeyesyesyesyes
24/7 supportyesyesyesyes
Daily backupsyesyesyesyes
No Contractyesyesyesyes
30 day money back guaranteeyesyesyesyes
Free Setupyesyesyesyes
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